Now You Know Nashville

by Lo Carmen



“Now You Know Nashville/Half A Man” is what some generations may call ‘old fashioned country’, I call it authentic. And when you add Carmen’s experience-etched voice to tales of dreaming big and the wonderment, woes, and characters of Music Row…you have all you need to create your own cinematic imagery. (Global Texan Chronicles)

Beautiful atmospheric authentic country music from the heart and soul….sweet honky-tonk groove… that heady and lonesome sound … full-hearted and heavy emotion. (Post To Wire)


released May 10, 2019

Recorded and mixed by Chris Mara at Welcome to 1979 Studios, Nashville TN

Lo Carmen - vox, gtr, tambourine, backing vox
Dave Roe - double bass
Justin Amaral - snare drum
Russ Pahl - pedal steel

Produced by Lo Carmen
All songs © Carmen


all rights reserved



Lo Carmen Los Angeles, California

Lo Carmen has a way with words, confessionary tones pervade her songs; equal parts rolling narratives, romantic rumination and restless, slow burning country soul. Using her gifts for wry lyricism and close to the bone observation, Carmen spins gold from playful twists of phrase, letting her lyrics and gilded vocals shine among the supernatural country arrangements. ... more

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Track Name: Now You Know Nashville
I arrived with nothin’ ‘cept a copy
Of a dog eared tour guide
But I knew where to get my coffee
And where to get my wash and dried
So I set out to see the sights
And find the place I hoped I’d call my home
I’d travelled long and well prepared
I planned to make my future there
Open hearted, wide eyed and alone
But I had ‘Now You Know Nashville’
Gripped tightly in my hands
And every time I turned a page
I got closer to understandin’
I was standin’ on a corner tryin’ a read my map
And make some sense of anything
When on my shoulder I felt a tap
And when I turned my heart did sing
There he stood, yeah, a cowboy type
Can I help you Miss? he drawled
He took me all around the town
Really knew how to show me round
Every step we took I was enthralled
He said now you’re getting’ to know Nashville
It’s hard to hold right in your hands
And every door that we went through
I began to understand
We whirled and twirled
Around his world
Until it felt almost like home
I knew it could make it then
Knew I could make it on my own
Time to lay it on ya girl
He smiled large and sat me down
Watch out for sharks and real smooth talkers
Keep away from Johnnie Walker
And I know you’ll make it in this town
I didn’t mean to break your heart
I know you’re fresh off the bus
And I never like to see a girl go wrong
Think of it as public service
You know I never meant to hurt ya
And now you got the makin’s of a song
And now you know Nashville
Now you hold it in your hands
And with every song you sing
I know you’ll understand
And now you know Nashville
There’s a dream in every plan
With every song you sing
I know you’ll understand
Track Name: Half A Man
I made his long days fly by
And gave his cold nights a glow
He filled my mind with dreams
I gave up long ago
He walked straight by me
The room emptied of sound
I had my back to the door
And then he slowly turned around
He was hunting you down
He was hunting you down
Yeah you were his queen
But I was his clown
He was looking for you
But he wound up with me
He took off his boots
And I sat down on his knee
He whispered
Oh girl I am but half a man
But I'll give you all
That half a man can
I made him so happy
And we were so gay
Until you strolled
Back into town today

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